About us

About us

What is Loveinhand?

Loveinhand is an international dating and matchmaking website, We provide translation service and dating service, that connects people from different places speaking different languages to find their perfect match and love, you can choose any service you want. We offer friendly service combined with easy-using features, accurate search result, messaging, gifts etc. that will make your seeking for true love fun and enjoyable.

Why use Loveinhand?

Unlike some other sites, Loveinhand offers friendly, personalized, easy-using service combined with the latest technology. We also understand the motivations and aspirations of people from diverse backgrounds seeking to find their perfect match and feel that our own experiences can be of valuable assistance. We understand that sometimes.... the perfect one for you is located at the other end of the earth! No matter where that special person is, or why you want to meet them, we can help you to find your perfect match, different languages? different customs? that will not be a problem if you are on Loveinhand

Benefits for Loveinhand members

Loveinhand members can enjoy free and paid service however they want, unlike some other sites, totally free? let me tell you, nothing is free, and when it comes to love, spend a little of money means you are serious and care, Our paid servie is usually some features that other sites don't have, such as flower and gift delivery, people-powered translation etc. We can garantee you that every penny you spent worth it, but if you choose to use our free service, you will find it no difference from others so called free dating, and absolutely no advertisement added to the webpage which bothers you all the time.

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